Help! I can’t keep up!!

Every generation says, “It’s so different now”.  I guess it’s all in what you get used to.  I recall my mother saying, “everything is going so fast I can’t keep up” and now I’m thinking it.  I act like her, I talk like her, I think like her.

The other day I bought a new Iphone and the next week there was a “new and improved” model.  How can it be improved in just one week?   I am trying to keep up with technology, but I feel like I’m a dinosaur.  Help!  I can’t keep up!!

I think about how automobiles have changed.  My husband still has his first car, a Gran Torino sport.   It has no air conditioning, a tape deck with ZZ Top still in it, roll down windows, and a huge back seat.  It was the latest and greatest in 1973.  Now you can watch movies in the cars, the seats are heated and cooled, and it will automatically parallel park for you. (I wish that was invented a long time ago).   A car costs as much as our first house did.  Help!  I can’t keep up!!

My only thought to this is:   Life is always cTop 30 Positive Quotes about Life: hanging and  it’s a great thing.  Our kids are smarter, we are healthier and living longer, we are using outdoor toilets, and the miracle of life goes on.




DIY Projects to Add Value to Your Home

Dress Up Your Home With Simple Projects

Does your dining room need new life? Is your living room boring? Do you need a kitchen face lift? Adding decorative elements can transform bland spaces into rooms that look finished and sophisticated. Here are a few features that can help you create a polished look in your home.

Faux Ceiling Beams — Create the look of exposed structural beams at a fraction of the cost and labor of the real thing. Available in a variety of materials, faux ceiling beams add character and charm. If you choose wood, you’ll likely need help installing the beams due to weight and safety concerns.

Chair Rails — Chair rails are often used in addition to crown molding or wainscoting. This feature is applied horizontally around the perimeter of a space at about one-third of the room’s height. Chair rails are used to create visually pleasing proportions.

Crown Molding — Whether simple or ornate, this decorative trim contributes a stylish finish and draws the eye up to the ceiling. Though it can be challenging for the beginning DIYer, adding crown molding can enhance the visual interest of a dull room and increase the value of your home.

Ceiling Medallions — These decorative disks are often used in dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms to highlight a hanging light fixture. Medallions come in all sizes and styles and are relatively simple to install.

Wainscoting — Made up of boards or paneling, wainscoting extends from the floor partway up the wall and is often paired with molding. (Wood is traditionally used for wainscoting, but these days other materials are also common.) Though it was originally added to rooms that received a lot of wear and tear like kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms, wainscoting is now associated with a more formal look and can be installed by an experienced handyman.

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Myth To Sell Your Home In The Spring

Since spring is 92 days away, we can assume there is more snow on the way.  While there isn’t much sun lately, there is still snow on the ground and lots in our mountains.  The gloomy, dry, cold months are still lingering but that’s not a bad thing for the ski lovers and of course there will be plenty of water for our summer water lovers.

I Forgot What Snow Is | Purely Inspiration: The sun isn’t the only thing hiding! The number of homes for sale has drastically decreased during the winter season. I’m working with buyers who need homes and are ready to buy NOW. The myth that you need to sell in the spring is inaccurate – waiting until spring will mean more competition for you to sell your home. Winter home buyers are serious home buyers!

If you are thinking about selling this spring, consider getting a jump on the competition and start the process sooner rather than later. One important thing many sellers often forget is the time preparation it will take to declutter, clean, and take care of any deferred maintenance items.


If you’re on the fence about when is the best time to sell, I’m happy to have a conversation with you about what’s happening with the Northern Colorado real estate market.  Call me at 970-672-6069


Tips For Selling A Vacant Home

Many homeowners need to move to the new home before the old home sells. Sometimes it’s a tenant that has moved out before the home goes on the market that causes the home to sit, vacant. As you can imagine, selling an empty house is a bit of a challenge. Not only are there the insurance, maintenance, and security aspect to consider, but also the appeal to the potential buyer.


Staging a home for sale is becoming more common as homeowners learn how valuable the process is. It is even more valuable when the home is vacant. Since studies show that a home without furniture takes 78 percent longer to sell than a furnished home, and the latter sells for closer to asking price, consider the following to maximize your profit on the sale of the home.


Hire a professional home stager

These designers bring in everything from furniture to accessories and arrange them in ways that appeal to a homebuyer’s emotions. “Most homeowners spent between $348 and $803,” to have their homes staged.

Stage it yourself

Making a home looked lived-in, when it isn’t, is a big job, even for professionals. But the good news is that you won’t necessarily need to stage the entire home, according to Kerry Derwent-Robb at She recommends that you stage the dining and living rooms and one or two bedrooms. If you feel you lack that interior designer flair, get some ideas and inspiration online at HGTV, on Pinterest or at’s YouTube channel.

Stage it virtually  Yes, there are virtual stagers and they can change the color of walls, switch out the flooring and even add virtual furniture. The danger in this method is that if a buyer likes what he sees online and shows up to tour the home in person, the first thing he’ll notice is that the home looks nothing like its photos and he may feel deceived. You can get around this by making it clear online that the home is virtually staged.

Hire a professional tenant

We don’t get it, but some people don’t mind moving frequently, especially those that are “resident managers” that work for home staging services like Showhomes. This process takes staging to an entirely new level and homebuyers will not only see a furnished home, but a lived-in home, complete with a stocked refrigerator and clothing in the closet.

The managers bring their own upscale furnishings and accessories and they even pay their own utility bills. Showhomes pays for the homeowner’s additional insurance costs.

Home managers aren’t suitable for all homes. In fact, Showhomes will only work with homeowners whose homes are listed at $500,000 or more. Their fees run from $1,000 to $3,000 and some companies also ask for a percentage of the sales price.

While selling a home that is vacant may be unavoidable, there are even simple ways to make it look lived-in. You owe it to your bottom line to do all you can to make the home as attractive to buyers as possible.

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I Have A Dream – of Homeownership

As we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King today we reflect on the progress we have made in our country.  Many will say that racism is still a major problem but compare today with the year Mr King died, 1968,  we’ve come a long way especially as a homeowner.

The 1960’s were for the most part a prosperous time, despite the happenings at the time.  In the late 1960’s the split level home became popular.   Homes became more energy efficient with double pane windows and more insulation.  State of the art kitchens were designed to include stove, refrigerator, and Terrazzo flooring.  Formica  made a name for itself and became increasingly popular for counters as well as cupboards.

The medium price home in Colorado in the 1960’s was $106,700.  This price looks great to most home buyers of today which are looking at a medium home price of around $300,000. Square footage went from 1500 sq ft to 2200 square feet.  Today two story homes are popular along with hardwood flooring, granite counter tops, energy efficient furnaces, tankless water heaters and many other energy features. Although the styles, efficiency features, and sizes of homes have changed, American’s still have a dream of home ownership.

Progress has been made in our 40 plus years and will continue when it comes to new homes and the home buying process.  Also, the National Association of Realtors adopted the code of ethics to improve the duties to the public.  As realtors we can not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  I’m proud to say that we are held to a high standard.

Martin Luther King’s  speech, I Have A Dream says it all.  We all have a dream of safe homes and a place where all men/woman are created equal.


The Dream of the Billion $ Jackpot

What makes an individual buy a lottery ticket?  The odds are against you in a big way.  Your chances of being broke in five years are high.  Yes, that’s correct.  The dynamics of your life style will change.  It’s the vision of how you will spend the winnings that play a part in the emotional aspect of the big lottery win.

American marketing is for the rich dreamers.  Rich people, like lottery winners, don’t make up a large portion of the population, but are the ones with money to spend.  You see ads every day.  These ads play on your emotions.  They tap into every sense you have.  Perfume will make you more sexy.   Traveling will make you feel relaxed.  Baby Boomers will look younger.  You can buy the home you have always dreamed of.  A certain car will give you status.  Whatever it is that you are dreaming about is how you want to “feel”.   You will spend so enjoy it but the first thing you should do is NOTHING.

When you know you have won don’t tell a single person, text, or email.  Contact an attorney.  Do some research. You will have people contacting you right and left.  Second, claim your winnings and take the lump sum.  More than 50% of the winnings will go to taxes.

Although 99.9% of you will not win, it’s dreaming that makes it fun. Enjoy!