The Dream of the Billion $ Jackpot

What makes an individual buy a lottery ticket?  The odds are against you in a big way.  Your chances of being broke in five years are high.  Yes, that’s correct.  The dynamics of your life style will change.  It’s the vision of how you will spend the winnings that play a part in the emotional aspect of the big lottery win.

American marketing is for the rich dreamers.  Rich people, like lottery winners, don’t make up a large portion of the population, but are the ones with money to spend.  You see ads every day.  These ads play on your emotions.  They tap into every sense you have.  Perfume will make you more sexy.   Traveling will make you feel relaxed.  Baby Boomers will look younger.  You can buy the home you have always dreamed of.  A certain car will give you status.  Whatever it is that you are dreaming about is how you want to “feel”.   You will spend so enjoy it but the first thing you should do is NOTHING.

When you know you have won don’t tell a single person, text, or email.  Contact an attorney.  Do some research. You will have people contacting you right and left.  Second, claim your winnings and take the lump sum.  More than 50% of the winnings will go to taxes.

Although 99.9% of you will not win, it’s dreaming that makes it fun. Enjoy!




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