Myth To Sell Your Home In The Spring

Since spring is 92 days away, we can assume there is more snow on the way.  While there isn’t much sun lately, there is still snow on the ground and lots in our mountains.  The gloomy, dry, cold months are still lingering but that’s not a bad thing for the ski lovers and of course there will be plenty of water for our summer water lovers.

I Forgot What Snow Is | Purely Inspiration: The sun isn’t the only thing hiding! The number of homes for sale has drastically decreased during the winter season. I’m working with buyers who need homes and are ready to buy NOW. The myth that you need to sell in the spring is inaccurate – waiting until spring will mean more competition for you to sell your home. Winter home buyers are serious home buyers!

If you are thinking about selling this spring, consider getting a jump on the competition and start the process sooner rather than later. One important thing many sellers often forget is the time preparation it will take to declutter, clean, and take care of any deferred maintenance items.


If you’re on the fence about when is the best time to sell, I’m happy to have a conversation with you about what’s happening with the Northern Colorado real estate market.  Call me at 970-672-6069



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