Help! I can’t keep up!!

Every generation says, “It’s so different now”.  I guess it’s all in what you get used to.  I recall my mother saying, “everything is going so fast I can’t keep up” and now I’m thinking it.  I act like her, I talk like her, I think like her.

The other day I bought a new Iphone and the next week there was a “new and improved” model.  How can it be improved in just one week?   I am trying to keep up with technology, but I feel like I’m a dinosaur.  Help!  I can’t keep up!!

I think about how automobiles have changed.  My husband still has his first car, a Gran Torino sport.   It has no air conditioning, a tape deck with ZZ Top still in it, roll down windows, and a huge back seat.  It was the latest and greatest in 1973.  Now you can watch movies in the cars, the seats are heated and cooled, and it will automatically parallel park for you. (I wish that was invented a long time ago).   A car costs as much as our first house did.  Help!  I can’t keep up!!

My only thought to this is:   Life is always cTop 30 Positive Quotes about Life: hanging and  it’s a great thing.  Our kids are smarter, we are healthier and living longer, we are using outdoor toilets, and the miracle of life goes on.




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