“Sparkle and Shine”

Putting your home on the market? Realtors agree that having clean windows during your open house creates brighter, more inviting rooms. Bright sunshine in your home will also highlight small details that may go unnoticed in lower light, window sparklelike a fresh paint job or the luster and character of hardwood floors.   A “sparkling” window can bring extra light into your home making it appear larger than it is too.

Window Cleaning Services                                               Anyone can search the internet for window cleaners.  The question is what to ask them when you call.  What is included in the service?  Will they be cleaning the windows and wiping the window sills?  Will they charge extra if you have hard water deposits?  Do they charge by the job or by the hour?    Do they charge by the number of windows? Do they charge more for second story windows or basement windows?

How Often to Have Windows Cleaned
As a general rule, it is a good idea to have a home’s windows professionally cleaned at least once every three months; this equates to four times per year. This is especially recommended for homeowners who live in areas that experience all four seasons. Having a home’s windows that “sparkle and shine” can keep mineral deposits and other debris from building up, which will be more expensive to clean in the long run. This also gives homeowners the peace of mind in knowing that their home’s windows always look their best.

Self Cleaning Glass                                                                                                                                      Yes, I’m serious.  A self cleaning glass is out there.  A company from the UK has it available.  A transparent coating on the outside of the glass harnesses the power of both sun and rain to efficiently remove dirt and grime. Exposure to the UV rays present in daylight triggers the decomposition of organic dirt and prevents mineral dirt from adhering to the surface of the glass. It also turns it “hydrophilic” meaning that when it rains the water sheets across the glass, without forming droplets, rinsing away the broken down dirty residues.  Only a small amount of sunlight is required to activate the coating so the self-cleaning function will work even on cloudy days.  A simple rinse of water during dry spells will help keep windows “sparkling”.

So whether your thinking of selling in the spring (most people do) or in the winter, this needs to be on the “to do list”.  Let buyers know you have pride in your home and have taken care of it.  Clean windows say a lot about your home!

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