A “Leap” of Faith Year

Why do we have Leap Year  (also known as an intercalary year or a bissextile year)  We need Leap Year to keep the calendar aligned with the earth revolving around the earth.  A year is 365 days and without it we would loose six hours from our caleLeap Yearndar every four years.  The reason is that Earth takes approximately 365.25 days to orbit around the sun every year. It’s that .25 that creates the need for a leap year every four years. After 100 years we would loose 24 days.

Leap year always coincides with the Presidential election year or Leap year can also be a “leap” of faith year, like listing your house or buying a home for the first time.  Interest rates are so low, why not take the leap?  Rents getting higher and higher but if you own your own home the monthly payment doesn’t increase if you are in a Leap Year or not.

Inventory may be low in Northern Colorado but oh my gosh the interest rate is low, low, low.  Agents as myself are knocking on doors, calling homeowners, networking to help increase the supply of homes for sale.

If you are thinking of selling or need help finding a lender call me.  Let 2016 be your year to “take the leap”

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