Yikes – It’s Tax Day

For some, tax day is a joy.  “I get a refund”!!!  For those on the other side of the fence, it’s a joy and a curse.  “I made money, but now I have to pay”.   Either way April 16th is hump day and a new beginning.   You made it!   What will you do with your time?  You won’t be looking for forms, filling out forms online, or talking to your trefund.jpgax professional.  Maybe it’s time to get your house ready to sell or start looking for a new one!!

Why not take that tax refund you just got and put it toward a new home?  If you were not on the receiving side, then why dotaxes due.jpgn’t you think about upsizing or being a first time home buyer.  A new home can give you a great tax break.  Did you know that the interest you pay is a write off.   The HOA fees and taxes are also if they are combined (Metro tax).   Why not increase your wealth AND help your tax situation in 2017.

Contact your accountant for more home write off’s.  Then, contact me to help you get started buying or selling.  What better gift to give to yourself than a write off AND a new house.  Call me, Margaret Herdt at 970-672-6069 Turn Key Realty

Whatever your needs are, I will make your experience of buying or selling a home a fun one and hopefully a rewarding experience as well.


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