Tidy Your Closet

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Spring Has Sprung – It’s Time To Change

March 20th is the first day of Spring 2017.  Warm sunny days are upon us, as well as a spring storm or two.  All in all, better weather is near.  With better weather comes the need to spruce up your house and make it feel clean and fresh.

Here are 5 design tips that are also great for staging.download

  1.  Switch your accessories from dark tones to bright spring colors.  Change your pillows, add a brighter throw, or a new spring vase.  Add colors such as yellow, green, blue, or bright whites which will bring a fresh new look and feel to your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.
  2. Buy a new mat for your front door.  Add a touch of color!
  3. Clean your windows.  A bright fresh window will add more light into your home making it appear clean and sparkling.  It can also make the room appear bigger.
  4. Change your bedding.  A new lighter weight quilt or coverlet in a lighter color will add to the spring feel of the home as well.  Plus it will get rid of the musty smell that sometimes appear in a bedroom.
  5. Buy fresh flowers.  Flowers add a special touch to any home.  The cheery look of flowers added to the floral bouquet, will enhance any home’s appeal.

No matter if you are selling a home or buying a new one, a bright cheery house will make you feel comfortable and add a welcome charm to your home.   Interested in selling your home and need some decorating/staging tips?  Call me Margaret Herdt 970-672-6069 at Turn Key Realty.  I’m more than happy to help you.


Don’t Have Enough $$ For A Down payment?

You have heard of people getting help to pay for medical expenses that have added up due to an accident or long term illness or to bury a loved one.  Also, people have used this platform to buy a honeymoon.

Why Not Have A Gift Fund for Real Estate?  I’m serious!!!

Need Help With Your downpayment (2)You are ready to buy your first home but don’t have the down payment needed.  Now what?  You wait another six months and then prices have gone up (in Colorado for sure) or your dream house that you saw at an open house is gone, right?   Let  “Feather-The-Nest”   help fund your new home.  Family and friends can add to your “fund”.

It’s so simple. Just fill out a simple form that tells everyone what your nest dream is. Add pictures, videos and plans to share with everyone. Use your own social networks like Facebook and Twitter and watch your nest grow as the nests collect.

You may be able to call me sooner than you thought, to buy your dream home.  I’ll be waiting for your call!!