Don’t Have Enough $$ For A Down payment?

You have heard of people getting help to pay for medical expenses that have added up due to an accident or long term illness or to bury a loved one.  Also, people have used this platform to buy a honeymoon.

Why Not Have A Gift Fund for Real Estate?  I’m serious!!!

Need Help With Your downpayment (2)You are ready to buy your first home but don’t have the down payment needed.  Now what?  You wait another six months and then prices have gone up (in Colorado for sure) or your dream house that you saw at an open house is gone, right?   Let  “Feather-The-Nest”   help fund your new home.  Family and friends can add to your “fund”.

It’s so simple. Just fill out a simple form that tells everyone what your nest dream is. Add pictures, videos and plans to share with everyone. Use your own social networks like Facebook and Twitter and watch your nest grow as the nests collect.

You may be able to call me sooner than you thought, to buy your dream home.  I’ll be waiting for your call!!




Want A Beautiful Lawn But Don’t Know How?

The warmer weather and April showers have once again turned your lawn into a green lush carpet.  Or maybe not?  Most homeowners want a beautiful yard.  1st time homtumblr_om659gf8sQ1v4yqceo1_1280.jpgebuyers have the hardest time because they have never cared for a home on their own before.

Everyone knows that you water and mow but what else is needed and when?  There is an art to a green lawn throughout the year.  Also if you maintain it correctly then you also can save on water.

I found this tidbit of information that I thought would be helpful.

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Yikes – It’s Tax Day

For some, tax day is a joy.  “I get a refund”!!!  For those on the other side of the fence, it’s a joy and a curse.  “I made money, but now I have to pay”.   Either way April 16th is hump day and a new beginning.   You made it!   What will you do with your time?  You won’t be looking for forms, filling out forms online, or talking to your trefund.jpgax professional.  Maybe it’s time to get your house ready to sell or start looking for a new one!!

Why not take that tax refund you just got and put it toward a new home?  If you were not on the receiving side, then why dotaxes due.jpgn’t you think about upsizing or being a first time home buyer.  A new home can give you a great tax break.  Did you know that the interest you pay is a write off.   The HOA fees and taxes are also if they are combined (Metro tax).   Why not increase your wealth AND help your tax situation in 2017.

Contact your accountant for more home write off’s.  Then, contact me to help you get started buying or selling.  What better gift to give to yourself than a write off AND a new house.  Call me, Margaret Herdt at 970-672-6069 Turn Key Realty

Whatever your needs are, I will make your experience of buying or selling a home a fun one and hopefully a rewarding experience as well.